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Music has always been a key part of Brisbane singer-songwriter Hannah’s life. Raised in church, music was a constant part of her weekend, as well as at her house. She credits her Mum and Dad for fostering her love of music, and being enrolled in singing lessons at the age of seven set her on a path that continues to this day. Performing in eisteddfods and bands as a teen further cemented her love of music, as well as helping to hone her live performance skills.

Following the competition of her AMEB singing exams, she completed an Associate in Music Australia (AMusA) diploma in Musical Theatre, building on her skillset as a vocalist. 2018 was a pivotal year for her, as it saw her begin working on her songwriting craft, as well as teaching singing through her coaching business, Melody Suite.
In 2020, she began studying a Bachelor of Music (majoring in Music Composition) at Griffith Conservatorium, further elevating her songwriting and compositional skills before graduating in November 2022. Alongside building her own songwriting career, she aspires to co-write with other artists from a range of different genres, sharing her skillset as a vocalist and musician with her community.

Taking inspiration from a wide spectrum of genres, including musical theatre, rock, and everything in between, her sound is ever-evolving. Reminiscent of artists like fellow Australian Delta Goodrem, Brooke Fraser and Sara Bareilles, she combines insightful lyricism with the ability to use her soaring vocals to evoke every emotion she’s feeling within her audience. Unashamedly writing from the heart, she makes music to soothe and inspire those that need it most.

Having played a standout set at the annual songwriter’s festival Spring In The Vale, she’s looking to spend more time playing gigs to showcase her ever-growing repertoire of original tunes. On the recorded front, she’s preparing to release her next single, Butterflies , in late June — her first release since 2022’s Unlikely Two and Home In Your Arms . You’ll be hearing a lot more from Hannah in 2024, with more singles and an EP to follow later this year.

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